What Makes an Electric Car?


Humans are the best example of evolution. From the Adam and Eve era till today, humans have always discovered and accepted changes wholeheartedly. Inventions one after the other has not only made life easier but effortless also.

We are in the era of global warming where it becomes our duty to try our best to save our planet as well as, along with it uplift the new technology. A set example of this is an electric car which is a recent invention but definitely a promising one. It definitely is lesser on the pockets with no worries about the hiking fuel prices and the features of this car are promisingly enduring. 

While coming to the functionality, characteristics and benefits of the EV, it is of the utmost importance to know how it works. The main elements of the EV are the battery pack, battery charger, power control unit, transmission and the salient electric motor.


As the fuel is essential for any ICE cars to run, the battery is the supreme component of the EV cars. It not only runs the car but also gives power to run the light, AC and the other dashboards elements. It is not as simple as it sounds because there is the other side of it and that is that the battery is too heavy in weight and high on prices too. It is the heart of the car and so is placed right in the center of the car on the panel which makes it heavier.


The battery which the electric cars use are charged up from the DC are then transferred to the electric grid to work in the AC form.  The charger not only charges the battery but also converts the power from AC to DC. The battery has smaller modules and minute cells in it which needs to be charged for the car to run.


The name itself justifies that it controls the EV right from ignition, accelerator and to the drive mode. All of this happens with the help of the integrant known as an inverter. The inverter is also most commonly used in laptops and similarly other devices.  This power control unit also keeps a check on the regeneration of the battery and likewise storing the battery back while braking.


The conventional vehicles generally have to use multi-speed transmissions whereas the electric cars use the single-speed drive train. It is therefore very simple for a smart drive selector to run the electric cars.   


The motor inside the electric car plays a vital role in transferring the battery from DC to AC. The more numbers of motors the easier it becomes to speed up in the electric car and so anywhere around four motors can be used to run even a single wheel.

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