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  • The inflation is inching lower. The budget deficit is under control and on track for further reduction. The fiscal deficit is also under control and the Government is on the pre-defined fiscal path.
  • Banks to stop compounding penalty charges from April 1.
  • India’s state fuel retailers have raised procurement prices for ethanol made from C Heavy molasses by 6.87 rupees to Rs 56.28 per litre.
  • Investments worth Rs 25813 crores have been made and 56171 new jobs added as of Sept 23 under PLI scheme for Pharma.
  • Eight core industries growth up at 7.8% in November vs 5.7% a year ago.
  • India’s forex reserves now stood at $620.44 billion in week ending on 22nd Dec 2023.
  • India’s current account deficit now only about 1% of the GDP.
  • India’s total debt rose to Rs 210 lakh crores in the Sept quarter. The Central Government debt was at Rs 161 lakh crores. State government debt was at Rs 50 lakh crores. Total Central and State level debt around 50% of the GDP. In many developed countries, it is much higher at 80% to 120% of the GDP.
  • Adanis to invest Rs 9350 crores in green energy arm to achieve 45 GW target.
  • India Inc seeks 3.9 million jobs for frontline workers in H1 FY24.
  • There are reports about Oil Marketing companies securitising the license fee they get from the petrol pump dealers. This might the first step towards major securitising their assets.

Cabinet approves 6 lane bridge over Ganga in Bihar.

SBI, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank continue to be in the list of the domestic systematically important banks of the RBI. The SBI and HDFC Bank will require to maintain higher capital as they move up one notch in the ladder.

India eyes EV investment from Germany, UK and Korea.

Share of agriculture in India’s GDP declined to 15% in FY23.

Unclaimed deposits with banks rise by 28% to Rs 42270 crores in FY23.

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