We often think leaders are exceptionally busy people. It is so. At the same time it is very important to know that they spend lot of time in solitude, alone with nothing, but their own thinking.

All the business leaders of the nation use to get surrounded by their routine work of meetings, phone calls, reports, assistants and so on. They all spend surprising amount of their time for uninterrupted thoughts. This is the key for their success.

We have numerous examples of religious leaders like Buddha, Ramkrishna Paramhans, Swami Vivekanand who used their time in solitude. The world leaders like Gandhiji, Franklin Roosevelt, Lenin, Stalin; all used their time in jail to remove their distractions and plan future move. They made their mark in the history.

True leaders do not seek help of TV, Mobile, Gossip etc for passing their time.

The Leaders and Leaders in Making, all were in solitude for 6-8 weeks. You cannot assume the number as they represent the country of 1.3 billion. These champs have used their time to declutter their distractions. They are ready with clear roadmap of their future and the future of the nation.

The great nation of 1.3 billion people is ready to take lead of the next decade.



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