Goldmine Update – 23/03/19

In what could turn into a mega partnership in the global automotive industry, Toyota Motor and Suzuki Motor have agreed to take concrete steps toward sharing more models, vehicle architectures and electrified vehicle technology. The discussion between the Japanese automakers is on three major subjects: sharing of electrified vehicle technology including Toyota’s patented hybrid vehicle systems, sharing of Suzuki’s compact vehicle architecture and engines and leveraging each other’s manufacturing capabilities for global markets.

British PM May has asked for a three month extension for BREXIT from European Union. This thing could linger on for more time may be one full year. The extensions will continue until Britain gets its house to vote for BREXIT. Time and again I have said that British politicians do not want a BREXIT while People voted for a BREXIT. These guys are just trying to
postpone things and one fine day, they will create public option in favour of remaining in European Union and the entire BREXIT will be off the table.

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