GANDHI-GIRI IN STOCK MARKET – Practices of Mahatma Gandhi can be followed in Stock Market

“MAHATMA” title was given to Gandhi ji by Ravindranath Tagore, this is truly inspiring not only Indians but also to the world. Mahatama Gandhi’s life, his beliefs & practice teaches us a lot in our life. His journey not only helped us to get independence but also gave us ideology to follow.

Here are two essential practices which we should pursue to avoid getting trapped in stock market :

  1. Self disciplined man with extraordinary will power
    Gandhi Ji made rules in his life which he never compromised. He was a man with extraordinary will power. He set goals and achievee it all the way through self discipline. To be financially independent, we should set our financial goals. One should not deviate from his/her goals and adhere to one’s own investment rules rather than following friends or someone you don’t know.
  2. Simplicity & eating in right quantity
    Gandhi Ji inspires us for many reasons, one of them is that he never claimed to have super power or kind of thing. He believes in simplicity both in living and eating. Takeaway from Gandhiji’s practice is that always keep your investments as simple as you can, complexity will lead to non performance. Eating simple represents our risk appetite, always invest OR trade in financial instruments that you understand and can digest if it is not working in your favor.

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