Are you listening to vague advice?

In the present day, there is much talk about an individual’s independence, but in reality most investors always depend on others for something or the other. The same is applied to the stock market. We always depend on others asking them

– What do you think?

– How market will run?

– Which shares are you purchasing at present?

and after hearing, we blindly jump in the market like crowd of sheep.

Making money on such vague advice is like wining a lottery without buying a ticket. This is because we believe in forecast without performing due diligence and authentication of person’s advice.

Just like in game of cricket, shot selection is important during batting and this can be learned by regular training along with great mentor. Same applies in equity investments. A good advisor is very important who can help make money followed by creating wealth.

Do you think without Benjamin Graham & David Dodd’s learning Warren Buffet could have become what he is today ?

Let’s make it more simple – who won the great battle of Mahabharata ? Expertise of Pandava Or strategies of Lord Krishna?

Strategies of Lord Krishna, undoubtedly.

Likewise in equity investments, good strategy supported by in depth research plays very important role.

To get success in the market there are certain thoughts which can be adopted.

– Everyone has brain power to make money but few have strategies to overcome odds.

– Passion is more powerful than brain power.

– If you cannot find an alternative idea, put your money in the bank account till you get one.

– Plan your play and play your plan. Don’t delay.

– Invest in what you know completely or take experts’ advice. Don’t be Abhimayu of Mahabharata.

If you find yourself caught in ‘Market Frenzy’, just relax and cool down. Don’t rush to buy. There are chances of buying companies that withhold or try to hide bad news. Therefore own not the most, but the best.

Henry Miller an American Author has rightly said – “Life is constantly providing us with new funds, new resources even when we are reduced to mobility. In life’s ledger there is no such thing as frozen assets”

Try to be like Arjuna not like Abhimanyu.

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